Hello, hello!

I have been on the roll this week with my outfits, man.

Along with yesterday, I have received multiple compliments on my outfit today! It really, realllllllly makes my day when someone mentions that my outfit is “bomb.com.”

Once again, I went for the simple look, but I still managed to look presentable and, dare I say it, stylish.

With a brownish orange shirt, I pulled on some light-colored ripped jeans (thank God I didn’t get caught for breaking the dress code in school..) and completed the outfit with my favorite pair of black booties. For my hair, I created a somewhat messy ponytail to give the look a more laid-back feel.

I’d like to take a quick moment to welcome autumn; I can now wear my sweaters, leggings, coats, scarves, and booties all the time!

Anyway, it is really nice that even though this was a really long week, I was able to make it through with the pleasant comments I received at school for my outfits. Fashion, you saved me once again.

One more day of school, then I can sleep through the weekend. Can’t wait!




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