Halloween + #OOTD 3

Happy, happy Halloween everyone!

I usually do not enjoy this holiday for the tremendous amount of social contact I have to make with the neighborhood’s kids. Having children reaching their pudgy hands into a bowl of candy is great, just fantastic (can you sense the sarcasm?). Being a teenager who would rather stay away from small kids, it’s kind of freaky, but cute I gotta admit, to have little humans waddle up to my house shouting, “Trick or treat!”

However! The dreaded night turned into a delightful one since I got to spend it with my favorite people (all one of them). My dear friend came over to help pass out candy, and the process went much smoother than planned. Instead of having kids just pick out which candy they want from the candy bowl, we were able to make kids laugh with our jokes and comments and learn more about our neighbors! It was a very enjoyable night.

Did I dress up for Halloween, though? Noooooooooooo…

But my dog did!

My adorable pup, Mocha, transformed into a devil for the night. It actually matches her soul. We had her laying out in the grass during the first hour or so for the night, along with my other dog who unfortunately couldn’t fit a Halloween costume, and our neighbors absolutely loved them! It was, indeed, a very happy Halloween.

Now, for my third #OOTD, I actually twinned with my friend! We went on a shopping spree this past Saturday and spotted some very, very cute clothes. Of those very, very cute clothes, we decided to wear our striped knee-length dresses today. Mine was black and white while hers was green and white.

For the look, I paired the dress with a green cargo jacket and finished off the look with some black sneakers. As for my hair, I spent two hours last night straightening my locks, but the result was beyond wonderful. I realized my hair grew much longer than it was the last time I straightened it (like several months ago), and it earned me a looooooooot of compliments at school today.

So overall, I had a good Halloween 2016, and I hope you all did as well!



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