Hello all! 

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog, and I decided it’s finally time to post something. 

Today was a wonderful day. After a teribble day yesterday, it was great to have a day full of joy, laughter, and smiles again. 

It’s officially autumn! You know what that means? It means to bring your cardigans and boots out! YAYAYAAY!!

And that’t exactly what I did today.

I unfortunately did not have a photographer today (AKA either my friends or older sister), so I went to my mirror and started snapping away.

My outfit is a little plain and boring, but it earned me a whole lot of compliments. That also means that it earns a post dedicated to it. 

I wore my denim dress with black leggings since it was FREEZING this morning. I then put on my brand new gray cardigan from Rue 21, I believe, and completed the look with my favorite leather boots. 

As for my hair, I pulled it back into a half-pony tail (no, not Ariana Grande style). It is usually my go-to style for second day hair. 

For accessories, I kept it minimum with a simple white watch and two earrings on each ear, a gold ball and a diamond. 

That’s it for the look!

I am thoroughly enjoying my fall so far, and I am not prepared for winter at all. 

Hopefully, you all are having a wonderful fall as well!



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