What I Got for Christmas!

I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate :))! I sure did!

It’s been two days after Christmas, and I’ve been wanting to write this post about my gifts for some time, but I didn’t receive all of my gifts until today. My best friend in Hawaii (who I will call Z for privacy) sent a package to me a week ago, but it didn’t arrive until this afternoon.

So! Now that I have all of my gifts, I want to share what are some of the things that I like most.

I got quite a few things from my family and friends, and they are all so, so, so awesome. My dad gave me money, my sister gave me a looooooot of things, my friend gave me a hat, and people overseas in Korea even sent me some stuff. You feel the love? ‘Cuz I sure do.

Of these things, I think I like the gifts from my sister and Z the best. My sister got me a bullet journal, two robes, doggy sticky notes, and a teddy bear. To me, that is a looooooot of stuff. I did not expect everything after the bullet journal since I saw her order the bullet journal myself. I was really touched and surprised by this (LOVE YA SIS).

Z got me stationery stuff, which I love. [Note to future boyfriend: If you ever want to see me smile and squeal with joy, just get me lots and lots of stationery esp. stickers and pens]. She got me tons of notebooks of different sizes and two planners/diaries. She also got me a pen set and some cute pencils. I am EXCITED to be using these! I also received some keyboard stickers that have both Korean and English letters on it. Oh…..I almost forgot – SHE ALSO GOT ME A PENCIL CASE! I’ve been wanting a new pencil case lately, and I guess she read my mind and got me the cutest Totoro pencil case (LOVE YA Z).

Of these, I gotta say I love my new bullet journal the most. I discovered bullet journaling through an Instagram post, and I have fallen in love! I didn’t want to start one in the middle of November, so I decided to ask for one as a Christmas gift. I will officially start it in January for the new year. I am so, so excited to be start journaling. I’ll probably upload some of my spreads onto my blog.

This year’s Christmas had its flaws in my family, but the gifts outweighed those flaws.

I hope everyone gets to enjoy the rest of their holiday break!



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