Hello 2017

Well, 2017, it’s about time you came around. I’ve been waiting for you.

2016 was not a good year for many of us, and I am happy to leave it behind. Although I made some significant memories in the past year, I am excited and ready to make more valuable ones in the coming year. Anyone else feel the same way?

In my brand new bullet journal, I dedicated a page to all of the memories in 2016.

(Excuse the poor photography skills)

Quite a few notable ones here, but I would like to take the chance to talk about my wisdom teeth extraction.

I had my wisdom teeth removed on the 30th, and boy was it an experience. My sister filmed me right after the surgery, and I was so emotional about losing my teeth, my tongue (?), my lips (?), and my chin (?). My sister was a clone of my sister, she was kidnapping me, and I supposedly bit her (she has evidence of me biting her, but we’re not going to talk about that). Oh, and the main quote of high Alisa: “When unicorns fart, do they smell like lollipops? We should ask National Geographic. *Falls asleep for two minutes and wakes back up* Do unicorns poop out sparkles?”

So yeah, high Alisa is not a good Alisa.

I brought in the new year by watching Antz on Netflix with my face so swollen that my dimple disappeared (the case of the missing dimple). My sister, dad, and dogs all fell asleep before midnight; I was a little disappointed, but it was okay.

Today, I was asleep alllllllllllll day long because of my pain medication and only woke up to eat or take more meds. To close off the first day of 2017, I took a shower and put on a Korean face mask to relax.

Today was a good day – 2017, you’re already off to a great start. Let’s keep it that way!

Hope everyone else gets to enjoy another great year!



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