Bullying: It needs to stop

Hello, all!


I meant to write this blog post yesterday, but I was too caught up in my emotions to even focus on a simple post.

Yesterday, I witnessed something horrific at school: bullying. Sure, we all hear about it: bullies suck, and if you see a bully in action, REPORT HIM/HER! But, I have never actually seen a bully actually in action before – especially a racist one.

So, here’s what happened: I was in line yesterday with my friends for lunch. Behind me there were two white boys (yes, I need to specify the race — it’s relevant), and they were talking about their black “friend.” They say that they call him “slaveboy,” and they make him call them “masters.” As a minority myself, I have a HUGE problem with this. My friends, who were both white, paid no attention to these boys, and when I pointed the boys out to them, all they did was shrug. Now, we’ll deal with my friends’ (who may no longer be my friends) reaction later. But I shot the boys a look filled with hatred, and I guess they saw me because they quickly said, “Oh, he doesn’t mind, so it’s not racist.” Now, hooooooooooooooooooooooold up. Lemme say one thing, here.


Whew, that felt good to type in all caps. Anyway, I guess the black boy, who turned out to have special needs (which makes the situation a WHOLE lot worse), was walking up to the white boys to stand with them in lunch but overheard them talking about him. The poor thing ran off sobbing, and I just wanted to punch these two redneck white ass boys in they necks, so they can’t breathe no mo’. But, I held it – not because these boys towered over me, but because I didn’t want to get into some major trouble.

I went to the counselors to report this instead, but they unfortunately weren’t there (WHERE ARE THE F*CKING COUNSELORS WHEN YOU NEED THEM). So, I’ll report them Monday.

But, the boys didn’t stop there. They didn’t run after him to at least apologize – not that it’ll make anything better. They stood there watching him take off, looked at each other, and shrugged like they just didn’t ruin some boy’s high school social life. No, instead they started talking about our usual lunch lady, who was not there that day. They called her a Mexican tramp who probably had been deported since nearly all Mexicans are illegal and that she probably raped some little boy.

First of all, she wasn’t even Mexican; she was half black and half white. Second, just because someone is Mexican does not mean that they are a tramp, a racist, a murderer, a drug dealer, or just simply a horrible human being. Third, just because someone is an illegal immigrant does NOT mean that they should be deported (HINT HINT DONALD TRUMP).

The point of this post was not to rant about those boys (okay, it kinda was), but it was to raise awareness about the bullying occurring in our country. Those boys were not born thinking that it was okay to call black people slaveboys; no, they learned it. Their parents are probably white supremacists and voted for a white supremacist, Trump. This is what’s going to happen in our country from now on, and it needs to stop, like, NOW.

Donald Trump issued an order to create a wall. Donald Trump’s executive order could deport 11 million illegal immigrants. Donald Trump issued a ban on citizens entering the country from seven Muslim countries – which, by the way, did not include the countries that caused 9/11…just sayin’. Donald Trump is apparently pro-life, but does not want to help save the lives of Syrian children living in constant danger. This Donald Trump fella is bullying people of the WORLD, and he needs to stop. He is going to divide the country with his ways, and hatred will take up our everyday lives. We do not need a divided country with reversed progress; we need an united country that loves one another and is continuously working towards a happier world.

I am deeply upset and scarred by what happened yesterday (I ended up crying), but my father punished me for crying (another rant). He said that it should not have upset me, I should’ve expected it, and nothing is going to change. My response:

  1. It should upset me because that boy is one of my people, and if one of my people is hurt, I am hurt. I STAND FOR ALL MINORITIES AND OPPRESSED INDIVIDUALS, AND IF ONE OF THEM IS BEING ABUSED, I FIGHT FOR THEM.
  2. I should NOT expect it because this is not 1930. Jim Crow does not thrive. The racial division should have ended and stayed in 1930. THIS IS 2017 AND IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME THAT WE LOVE ONE ANOTHER AND NOT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST SKIN COLOR.
  3. Something IS going to change. We, the people of the world and not just America, need to fight for human rights and for each other. If you see someone being discriminated against, help them up and fight together. If you see someone discriminating someone, kick them in their ass and burn them to ashes (not literally).

This is our world we’re living in, people, and we, as a whole, can stand up together and help fight this.



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