My Birthday !

Hello, hello!

After the seriousness of my last post, I decided to be lighthearted and happy (keyword: happy) with this post.

To start…IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I’m 17 now, and boy do I feel old. It’s a good but iffy feeling. I’m one year from being legal! Wow….it’s just…wow!

This was literally one of my best birthdays. In school, everyone wished me a happy birthday, I had three classes (four including the one next door to my class in 4th period) sing happy birthday to me, and I received a bunch of gifts.

This morning, my friend gave me a Hello Kitty bag full of goodies: Snickers, Hi-Chew candies, apple juice, a necklace, and a teddy bear! #friendgoals

In 3rd period, I have a boy that I’m talking to (not quite dating but people know that we’re an item), and he told me yesterday that he would give me a cupcake today. So, I was expecting a cupcake as he walked into the class, but he didn’t……………….He just sat in his seat and started chattering away with his friends. I was HIGHLY disappointed. However, as he walked me to my next class, he said that he went to Walmart after work and they had ran out of cupcakes. So, as he reaches into his backpack, he says that he bought me a cake instead. A CAKE! A FREAKING WHOLE CHOCOLATE CAKE! It was a Valentine’s Day cake with a heart on top, and it was very, very sweet of him. I must have squealed so loudly because he gave me a look that said, “Wow! I didn’t know her voice gets that loud.” (I’m still very shy around him) He definitely made my day. Thanks V (We’re keeping him anonymous)! #boyfriendbutnotreallyboyfriendyetgoals

When I got home, I had expected a package from Amazon. I had asked my dad for a smartwatch, and he said okay and told me to go ahead and order it. It was supposed to arrive today by 8 this morning, and when I asked him about it on my way home from school, he said that it wasn’t there. So, I get home and I go right onto Amazon to check the status of the package. … It said that it had already been delivered. So, I run around the house thinking that my dad had hid it; I checked under jackets, couches, tables, and other potential hiding places. Nowhere to be seen. So, I check my phone again, and it said that it had been delivered to my mailbox. So, I sprint out to my mailbox, past my dad and his friend talking in the garage, to check. Nothing. Pouting, I walk slowly back to the house, and my dad goes, “Watch?” I nod, and he playfully scolds me for my poor observing skills. He then tells me to look immediately to my right when I walk through the door. So, I do just that, and there it was! An Amazon box sitting on the floor. No need to hide things when I have such poor observation.

I quickly tear open the box, and the beauty of the watch…ah! Gorgeous.

I got the Samsung Gear S2 Watch. I know that the S3 is out, but the S2 is prettier, lighter, and smaller with all of the same features basically (and it was the same price!).

[Excuse my hairy arms and poor photography skills]

I am in LOVE with this watch, and can’t ask for a better one. It’s cute, effective, lightweight, and it looks like an actual watch. Loooooooooooooooooove it! Thanks, Dad! #dadgoals

My final gift was from my older sister. She sent an Edible Arrangement to the house about 40 minutes after I got home! I never had one before and asked for one, and she said no, so I was very surprised when I saw her name on the card. The chocolate fruit was just perfect and DELISH! Never had chocolate covered strawberries, and this was the perfect occasion to try one for the first time. Thank ya, sis! #sistergoals

My family and I went out for dinner at my favorite Korean restaurant (where the waitresses and owner just absolutely ADORE me :))))))))) and we pigged out. My stomach is now satisfied, and I am satisfied with my 17th birthday. #familygoals #birthdaygoals

Ah, what a FANTASTIC day, and I hope you all had one as well!




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