About Me


My name is Alisa, and I am currently a high school junior in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Being born and raised in South Korea, I am fairly new to this “American” lifestyle in Tennessee. My mother is Korean, and she taught me the Korean culture and language (I’m not fluent though!). I’ve grown up in tall apartments eating rice, soup, and kimchi. My life was normal, or so I thought, and I figured I’d lived in Korea until I went off to college. That was when I was supposed to experience the culture shock of America.

Boy, was I wrong..

I moved to Clarksville, Tennessee in March 2015. From the cornfields to the cozy neighborhoods, I experienced one of the greatest culture shocks of my life. Starting a new school was a new experience, and I hadn’t made many friends to spend my time with. I went from a somewhat popular schoolgirl in Korea to a loner who only reads and draws in Tennessee.

With too many thoughts and not enough paper to record them on, I decided to start a personal blog about my lifestyle as an ordinary 16-year-old girl who loves art, music, fashion, and dogs.

Hopefully, this helps you to get to know me a bit better, and I would be glad to answer any questions about…….anything!