My Birthday !

Hello, hello!

After the seriousness of my last post, I decided to be lighthearted and happy (keyword: happy) with this post.

To start…IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I’m 17 now, and boy do I feel old. It’s a good but iffy feeling. I’m one year from being legal! Wow….it’s just…wow!

This was literally one of my best birthdays. In school, everyone wished me a happy birthday, I had three classes (four including the one next door to my class in 4th period) sing happy birthday to me, and I received a bunch of gifts.

This morning, my friend gave me a Hello Kitty bag full of goodies: Snickers, Hi-Chew candies, apple juice, a necklace, and a teddy bear! #friendgoals

In 3rd period, I have a boy that I’m talking to (not quite dating but people know that we’re an item), and he told me yesterday that he would give me a cupcake today. So, I was expecting a cupcake as he walked into the class, but he didn’t……………….He just sat in his seat and started chattering away with his friends. I was HIGHLY disappointed. However, as he walked me to my next class, he said that he went to Walmart after work and they had ran out of cupcakes. So, as he reaches into his backpack, he says that he bought me a cake instead. A CAKE! A FREAKING WHOLE CHOCOLATE CAKE! It was a Valentine’s Day cake with a heart on top, and it was very, very sweet of him. I must have squealed so loudly because he gave me a look that said, “Wow! I didn’t know her voice gets that loud.” (I’m still very shy around him) He definitely made my day. Thanks V (We’re keeping him anonymous)! #boyfriendbutnotreallyboyfriendyetgoals

When I got home, I had expected a package from Amazon. I had asked my dad for a smartwatch, and he said okay and told me to go ahead and order it. It was supposed to arrive today by 8 this morning, and when I asked him about it on my way home from school, he said that it wasn’t there. So, I get home and I go right onto Amazon to check the status of the package. … It said that it had already been delivered. So, I run around the house thinking that my dad had hid it; I checked under jackets, couches, tables, and other potential hiding places. Nowhere to be seen. So, I check my phone again, and it said that it had been delivered to my mailbox. So, I sprint out to my mailbox, past my dad and his friend talking in the garage, to check. Nothing. Pouting, I walk slowly back to the house, and my dad goes, “Watch?” I nod, and he playfully scolds me for my poor observing skills. He then tells me to look immediately to my right when I walk through the door. So, I do just that, and there it was! An Amazon box sitting on the floor. No need to hide things when I have such poor observation.

I quickly tear open the box, and the beauty of the watch…ah! Gorgeous.

I got the Samsung Gear S2 Watch. I know that the S3 is out, but the S2 is prettier, lighter, and smaller with all of the same features basically (and it was the same price!).

[Excuse my hairy arms and poor photography skills]

I am in LOVE with this watch, and can’t ask for a better one. It’s cute, effective, lightweight, and it looks like an actual watch. Loooooooooooooooooove it! Thanks, Dad! #dadgoals

My final gift was from my older sister. She sent an Edible Arrangement to the house about 40 minutes after I got home! I never had one before and asked for one, and she said no, so I was very surprised when I saw her name on the card. The chocolate fruit was just perfect and DELISH! Never had chocolate covered strawberries, and this was the perfect occasion to try one for the first time. Thank ya, sis! #sistergoals

My family and I went out for dinner at my favorite Korean restaurant (where the waitresses and owner just absolutely ADORE me :))))))))) and we pigged out. My stomach is now satisfied, and I am satisfied with my 17th birthday. #familygoals #birthdaygoals

Ah, what a FANTASTIC day, and I hope you all had one as well!




Bullying: It needs to stop

Hello, all!


I meant to write this blog post yesterday, but I was too caught up in my emotions to even focus on a simple post.

Yesterday, I witnessed something horrific at school: bullying. Sure, we all hear about it: bullies suck, and if you see a bully in action, REPORT HIM/HER! But, I have never actually seen a bully actually in action before – especially a racist one.

So, here’s what happened: I was in line yesterday with my friends for lunch. Behind me there were two white boys (yes, I need to specify the race — it’s relevant), and they were talking about their black “friend.” They say that they call him “slaveboy,” and they make him call them “masters.” As a minority myself, I have a HUGE problem with this. My friends, who were both white, paid no attention to these boys, and when I pointed the boys out to them, all they did was shrug. Now, we’ll deal with my friends’ (who may no longer be my friends) reaction later. But I shot the boys a look filled with hatred, and I guess they saw me because they quickly said, “Oh, he doesn’t mind, so it’s not racist.” Now, hooooooooooooooooooooooold up. Lemme say one thing, here.


Whew, that felt good to type in all caps. Anyway, I guess the black boy, who turned out to have special needs (which makes the situation a WHOLE lot worse), was walking up to the white boys to stand with them in lunch but overheard them talking about him. The poor thing ran off sobbing, and I just wanted to punch these two redneck white ass boys in they necks, so they can’t breathe no mo’. But, I held it – not because these boys towered over me, but because I didn’t want to get into some major trouble.

I went to the counselors to report this instead, but they unfortunately weren’t there (WHERE ARE THE F*CKING COUNSELORS WHEN YOU NEED THEM). So, I’ll report them Monday.

But, the boys didn’t stop there. They didn’t run after him to at least apologize – not that it’ll make anything better. They stood there watching him take off, looked at each other, and shrugged like they just didn’t ruin some boy’s high school social life. No, instead they started talking about our usual lunch lady, who was not there that day. They called her a Mexican tramp who probably had been deported since nearly all Mexicans are illegal and that she probably raped some little boy.

First of all, she wasn’t even Mexican; she was half black and half white. Second, just because someone is Mexican does not mean that they are a tramp, a racist, a murderer, a drug dealer, or just simply a horrible human being. Third, just because someone is an illegal immigrant does NOT mean that they should be deported (HINT HINT DONALD TRUMP).

The point of this post was not to rant about those boys (okay, it kinda was), but it was to raise awareness about the bullying occurring in our country. Those boys were not born thinking that it was okay to call black people slaveboys; no, they learned it. Their parents are probably white supremacists and voted for a white supremacist, Trump. This is what’s going to happen in our country from now on, and it needs to stop, like, NOW.

Donald Trump issued an order to create a wall. Donald Trump’s executive order could deport 11 million illegal immigrants. Donald Trump issued a ban on citizens entering the country from seven Muslim countries – which, by the way, did not include the countries that caused 9/11…just sayin’. Donald Trump is apparently pro-life, but does not want to help save the lives of Syrian children living in constant danger. This Donald Trump fella is bullying people of the WORLD, and he needs to stop. He is going to divide the country with his ways, and hatred will take up our everyday lives. We do not need a divided country with reversed progress; we need an united country that loves one another and is continuously working towards a happier world.

I am deeply upset and scarred by what happened yesterday (I ended up crying), but my father punished me for crying (another rant). He said that it should not have upset me, I should’ve expected it, and nothing is going to change. My response:

  1. It should upset me because that boy is one of my people, and if one of my people is hurt, I am hurt. I STAND FOR ALL MINORITIES AND OPPRESSED INDIVIDUALS, AND IF ONE OF THEM IS BEING ABUSED, I FIGHT FOR THEM.
  2. I should NOT expect it because this is not 1930. Jim Crow does not thrive. The racial division should have ended and stayed in 1930. THIS IS 2017 AND IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME THAT WE LOVE ONE ANOTHER AND NOT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST SKIN COLOR.
  3. Something IS going to change. We, the people of the world and not just America, need to fight for human rights and for each other. If you see someone being discriminated against, help them up and fight together. If you see someone discriminating someone, kick them in their ass and burn them to ashes (not literally).

This is our world we’re living in, people, and we, as a whole, can stand up together and help fight this.


NSLI-Y Interview

Hello, all!

Today was a FANTASTIC day. I had my NSLI-Y interview, half of the food I was craving, finished my homework in a timely manner, and now I’m about to paint my nails to finish off the perfect day.

This post is mainly about my interview, so let’s get started.


I have been stressing for about a week before the interview about my outfit. A blazer? A dress? Sweater with collared shirt underneath? Skirt? Flats? Booties? Yea. I was stressed.

My sister was kind enough on Saturday to go shopping with me. We stopped by about 4 or 5 different stores until my sister stopped and asked me what look I was exactly going for. I told her that I had asked my teacher for advice on what to wear, and she told me to go for neutral colors, a blazer, a blouse, some dress pants, and flats. While I still wanted a blazer, I didn’t want to seem very overdressed and still wanted a teenager-y feel.

My sister then proceeded to give me some very nice advice. If I were to go in some clothes that I did not feel comfortable in, it would definitely show while I’m being interviewed. I should throw on some of the clothes in my closet and go from there (she mentioned that of all the cute things in my closet, couldn’t I find something decent to wear?).

I realized she was right. Why would I go in there looking like the person I’m not? I’m not a blazer-pants suit person; I’m a cute blouse and some skinny pants and flats person. So, that’s what I did.

I put on my favorite purple-ish blouse, some black pants, and brown/tan flats. This was the outfit I felt most like myself and CONFIDENT.

[NOTE TO FUTURE SEMIFINALISTS: Go in there wearing something you’re confident in! Do not try to impress them with a fancy suit. Nobody in the waiting room came dressed in full-out suits. Girls were wearing simple dresses or a blouse and skirt/pants. Guys had a polo shirt and some khakis. Overdress if you feel confident in it, but go with what YOU want to wear!]

I was able to sit up straight and not have to worry about if I had too much cleavage showing or if my bra straps were very obvious; I already wore this outfit before, so I knew how I looked.

I put my hair in a half-up, half-down style to keep hair out of my face with my locks still flowy. Accessories were minimal: one diamond earring per ear and a black watch. Keep accessories minimal!


My interview time was set to be at 11, but my sister and I arrived with 30 minutes to spare. It was a Sunday School house directly behind a church in Nashville, and there was a AFS sign beside the doorway. When we walked in, the lady who had been emailing me (along with the other semifinalists in my area) greeted us and told us to sign in. We sat down, and about 8~10 minutes later, she called me in.

I read other blogs about how they were required to fill out a questionnaire, but we were only offered some drinks and cookies! Don’t fret about a questionnaire like I did!


My interviewer and her Thai host daughter led me to a room in the back side of the house. We sat down in little kiddy chairs (it was very informal, which I am very thankful for), and she dove right in.

She did not know a single thing about me since she was not allowed to look at my application. We started off with the basics like where I lived, what school I went to, what extracurricular activities I do, what I do after school, my family, and stuff like that. Not too hard.

Then she started asking some more personal and hypothetical questions. I’ll be honest with you; I was very, very nervous when she asked me. I couldn’t stop saying “um” or “like,” but it didn’t seem to bother her very much. It was pretty much a conversation I would have with an adult who was simply trying to get to know me.

I loved her, and it seemed to me she really liked me as well. She complimented me on my maturity and outer appearance (she called me very attractive :)))))))))))))). When I told her about the various hardships I had to overcome, she seemed to become very attached to me and proud of me.

In all, I think it went very, verrrrrrrrrry well. The atmosphere was very informal which helped me settle in much easier, and I was welcomed with nothing but smiles and cookies.

[To semifinalists reading this, CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I, along with your family and friends, am very proud of you – my interviewer told me that it is very difficult just to get to the semifinalist stage, so go YOU! Do not fret about your interview; it will go smoothly. Good luck!]


1st Week of Bullet Journaling

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a weekend filled with joy!

In this post, I am going to talk about a system that I have tried out for the first time recently: Bullet Journaling. I discovered it through Instagram, and that made me explore on Youtube and the net. I’ve fallen in love with it.

After doing some research on this system (yes, I research journaling as if it was a school assignment), I decided to keep a bullet journal myself starting in 2017. I wanted a fresh new one for a fresh new year.

This past week, I have been keeping track of what I needed to do for the day, the weather, my water intake, and exercise (which is something I did not do this week). It actually helped me stay organized for the most part, and I LOVE it!

The layout’s theme was supposed to be winter-y, and I achieved what I was aiming for. However, the layout is very disorganized, and I am overall quite disappointed with it. My cute washi tape decorations turned out to be a fail, and it’s just ugh.

I’ve realized my mistakes, however, and next week’s spread will be much better than this one.

Anyway, the point of the bullet journal is to basically keep my life together – and it did just that. I am quite impressed with the system, and this is definitely not something I will ditch in the middle of the year.

I would definitely recommend this system to a person who is looking for something that is like a diary, planner, and organizer!

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week!


Hello 2017

Well, 2017, it’s about time you came around. I’ve been waiting for you.

2016 was not a good year for many of us, and I am happy to leave it behind. Although I made some significant memories in the past year, I am excited and ready to make more valuable ones in the coming year. Anyone else feel the same way?

In my brand new bullet journal, I dedicated a page to all of the memories in 2016.

(Excuse the poor photography skills)

Quite a few notable ones here, but I would like to take the chance to talk about my wisdom teeth extraction.

I had my wisdom teeth removed on the 30th, and boy was it an experience. My sister filmed me right after the surgery, and I was so emotional about losing my teeth, my tongue (?), my lips (?), and my chin (?). My sister was a clone of my sister, she was kidnapping me, and I supposedly bit her (she has evidence of me biting her, but we’re not going to talk about that). Oh, and the main quote of high Alisa: “When unicorns fart, do they smell like lollipops? We should ask National Geographic. *Falls asleep for two minutes and wakes back up* Do unicorns poop out sparkles?”

So yeah, high Alisa is not a good Alisa.

I brought in the new year by watching Antz on Netflix with my face so swollen that my dimple disappeared (the case of the missing dimple). My sister, dad, and dogs all fell asleep before midnight; I was a little disappointed, but it was okay.

Today, I was asleep alllllllllllll day long because of my pain medication and only woke up to eat or take more meds. To close off the first day of 2017, I took a shower and put on a Korean face mask to relax.

Today was a good day – 2017, you’re already off to a great start. Let’s keep it that way!

Hope everyone else gets to enjoy another great year!


What I Got for Christmas!

I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate :))! I sure did!

It’s been two days after Christmas, and I’ve been wanting to write this post about my gifts for some time, but I didn’t receive all of my gifts until today. My best friend in Hawaii (who I will call Z for privacy) sent a package to me a week ago, but it didn’t arrive until this afternoon.

So! Now that I have all of my gifts, I want to share what are some of the things that I like most.

I got quite a few things from my family and friends, and they are all so, so, so awesome. My dad gave me money, my sister gave me a looooooot of things, my friend gave me a hat, and people overseas in Korea even sent me some stuff. You feel the love? ‘Cuz I sure do.

Of these things, I think I like the gifts from my sister and Z the best. My sister got me a bullet journal, two robes, doggy sticky notes, and a teddy bear. To me, that is a looooooot of stuff. I did not expect everything after the bullet journal since I saw her order the bullet journal myself. I was really touched and surprised by this (LOVE YA SIS).

Z got me stationery stuff, which I love. [Note to future boyfriend: If you ever want to see me smile and squeal with joy, just get me lots and lots of stationery esp. stickers and pens]. She got me tons of notebooks of different sizes and two planners/diaries. She also got me a pen set and some cute pencils. I am EXCITED to be using these! I also received some keyboard stickers that have both Korean and English letters on it. Oh…..I almost forgot – SHE ALSO GOT ME A PENCIL CASE! I’ve been wanting a new pencil case lately, and I guess she read my mind and got me the cutest Totoro pencil case (LOVE YA Z).

Of these, I gotta say I love my new bullet journal the most. I discovered bullet journaling through an Instagram post, and I have fallen in love! I didn’t want to start one in the middle of November, so I decided to ask for one as a Christmas gift. I will officially start it in January for the new year. I am so, so excited to be start journaling. I’ll probably upload some of my spreads onto my blog.

This year’s Christmas had its flaws in my family, but the gifts outweighed those flaws.

I hope everyone gets to enjoy the rest of their holiday break!


NSLI-Y Interview Date

Hello! I hope everyone’s holiday break is going fine!

About one or two weeks ago, I posted that I received my semifinalist notification for NSLI-Y. Well, today I got my interview date and location.

I didn’t get a specific time or place – just the date and city. The interview is to take place on January 16 in Nashville, TN. I am so nervous yet excited!

In preparation, I have written down questions from various blogs and held a mock interview with a few of my friends. I feel prepared, but I also feel like I’m going to screw it up. Questions pop up in my head at the most inconvenient times. When I’m driving, I think about if the interviewer would like me or not. When I’m doing homework, I think about what would happen if I keep stuttering or excessively say “um.”

I have never done an interview before, so I am really nervous about this. What am I going to wear? How am I going to do my hair? Do I paint my nails? I have no idea on how to do this.

Hopefully, all goes well, and I’ll become a finalist! I really want this scholarship, so I’m going to do my very best in order to do so. My family is in full support of me going, so that’s really encouraging.

(Note to self: Do not stutter or say “Um.” Keep good posture. Smile and act like you REALLY, REALLY want the scholarship. Good luck!)

Happy Holidays everyone!


Week Recap + Winter Break


This week has been a stressful week with finals and all, but at least I now have two weeks off! I have survived through seven 90-minute midterm exams, and I think I passed every single one of them – with a 100 on my Dual Enrollment Math, a 99 on my Criminal Justice, and a 92 on my ACT Prep (I don’t know the rest of the grades as of right now). I gotta say, my junior year of high school is going smoother than I thought it would.

This week, I have had two induction ceremonies, and I am feeling pretty proud. My dad even attended one of them which I am really, really happy about (my father cannot walk very well due to a past stroke, and it is difficult for him to attend my ceremonies and other events).

On Monday night, I had my National Honor Society (NHS) induction ceremony.

That night, I wore a maroon-ish colored dress with tights and my favorite black booties. I hadn’t tried on the dress before I purchased it, so I had no idea how much cleavage actually showed until I tried it on the night before the ceremony (I suggest to future inductees to always try on clothes before purchase). I was worried during the car ride that my dress was inappropriate for this type of ceremony, but when I arrived, I noticed that all of the other girls were wearing really short and tight dresses with a lot of cleavage showing. Compared to them, I was very modest.

Anyway, the ceremony was a beautiful candlelight service – all of the inductees walked into the auditorium holding lit candles, and the process went smoothly. It was very organized, and my dad and sister LOVED it.

The following night, I had an induction ceremony for National Technical Honor Society (NTHS). For those who do not know the difference between NTHS and NHS, NTHS is for students who are taking career technical classes, such as health sciences, business management, cosmetology, and so on. For me, I am in criminal justice.

The attire for this ceremony was specified – white top and black bottoms. I found a sophisticated style white blouse and some comfortable black dress pants. This is the first time wearing dress pants, and I’ll be honest: I felt like a mom. Maybe because my mother always wore dress pants? I don’t know.

This ceremony was very disorganized and disappointing. Don’t get me wrong – the candles were pretty, and the speakers and JROTC were good. However, the club’s main coordinator was late to the ceremony and the inductees did not know when to blow out our candles, when to sit down or stand up. We had little to no practice, and all of us were very confused. Regardless, I was honored to be part of such a program.

Now that the first semester is over, and I have two weeks off for winter/Christmas break, I can finally get some stuff done – clean my room, clean my car, make appointments, take my car to the dealer for service checkup, send Christmas gifts, and whatnot. This break might actually consist of errands and busywork and not just sleep (I do not exactly know how I feel about that).

Hopefully, everyone will have a fabulous and relaxing holiday break. Happy holidays everyone!



Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog, but I have had nothing interesting enough to post on here.

Until today!

Today, December 1, 2016, was the day I saw a lonely little email sitting in my “Important Stuff” inbox with my semifinalist notification for NSLI-Y!

For those who do not know, NSLI-Y stands for National Security Language Initiative for Youth. A mouthful, right? It’s a study abroad opportunity for high school students aged 15-18 (even if you are a graduating senior, you just have to be in high school at the time you apply) to study in a country where its language is deemed “critical” to America’s future expansion worldwide. The languages available are as followed:

  1. Arabic
  2. Chinese (Mandarin)
  3. Hindi
  4. Korean
  5. Persian (Tajiki)
  6. Russian
  7. Turkish

Most of these languages offer both summer and yearlong programs while others only have one option.

I applied to study Korean for the summer as my first choice and Chinese for the summer as my second. I decided to leave my third choice blank for these are the top two languages that I really want to study in my life. My third is Japanese, but they unfortunately do not offer that language.

The application process was very, very long and tiring, but it was worth it! I had multiple people read over my essays including my friends, teachers (not only my English teacher), and former NSLI-Y participants. They have given me so much advice that my essays went through multiple complete revisions. Trust me, they have improved since I have first written them that it’s amazing.

My NUMBER ONE advice for future applicants is probably to have people read over your essays!

I will receive an email in the next couple of weeks about scheduling my interview. Oh boy, am I nervous. I am a really shy, introversive person, and I have difficulty expressing my thoughts clearly. I sure do hope that my interview goes well.

I will keep this blog updated on my NSLI-Y process. Maybe I can even get to be a finalist?

Until next time! Have a wonderful day!



Hello everyone!

Are you excited for Thanksgiving? I sure am! My family already purchased a turkey, ham, pumpkin pie ingredients (even though I don’t eat pie), candied yams, collard greens, and macaroni and cheese. For a family of three, that’s a lot of food!

You know the one thing I looooooove about Thanksgiving? It signals that Christmas is coming! After a wondrous feast, I get to have another one in a few weeks after. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the year.

Enough of Thanksgiving, I decided to upload another #OOTD. I know that my outfits crowd my blog, but that’s what I am most confident about writing in public about at the moment.

Today’s #OOTD was actually posted on my Instagram (go follow me!! @thatone.blasian) a couple of days ago, but I never got around to actually post on my blog about it. So here goes.

I boosted up my confidence that day by wearing my striped somewhat-crop top (meaning that it isn’t as short as a regular crop top but not as a long as a regular shirt) under my FAVORITE green cargo jacket. I then pulled on my high-waisted black jeans and finished the look with my white Converse sneakers.

Damn it Mocha. You got in the picture!

Anyway, I left my hair down and went through the day with minimum accessories, including double earrings in each ear and a black-and-gold watch.

Overall, I had a wonderful day, and I hope you all did as well!