Week Recap + Winter Break


This week has been a stressful week with finals and all, but at least I now have two weeks off! I have survived through seven 90-minute midterm exams, and I think I passed every single one of them – with a 100 on my Dual Enrollment Math, a 99 on my Criminal Justice, and a 92 on my ACT Prep (I don’t know the rest of the grades as of right now). I gotta say, my junior year of high school is going smoother than I thought it would.

This week, I have had two induction ceremonies, and I am feeling pretty proud. My dad even attended one of them which I am really, really happy about (my father cannot walk very well due to a past stroke, and it is difficult for him to attend my ceremonies and other events).

On Monday night, I had my National Honor Society (NHS) induction ceremony.

That night, I wore a maroon-ish colored dress with tights and my favorite black booties. I hadn’t tried on the dress before I purchased it, so I had no idea how much cleavage actually showed until I tried it on the night before the ceremony (I suggest to future inductees to always try on clothes before purchase). I was worried during the car ride that my dress was inappropriate for this type of ceremony, but when I arrived, I noticed that all of the other girls were wearing really short and tight dresses with a lot of cleavage showing. Compared to them, I was very modest.

Anyway, the ceremony was a beautiful candlelight service – all of the inductees walked into the auditorium holding lit candles, and the process went smoothly. It was very organized, and my dad and sister LOVED it.

The following night, I had an induction ceremony for National Technical Honor Society (NTHS). For those who do not know the difference between NTHS and NHS, NTHS is for students who are taking career technical classes, such as health sciences, business management, cosmetology, and so on. For me, I am in criminal justice.

The attire for this ceremony was specified – white top and black bottoms. I found a sophisticated style white blouse and some comfortable black dress pants. This is the first time wearing dress pants, and I’ll be honest: I felt like a mom. Maybe because my mother always wore dress pants? I don’t know.

This ceremony was very disorganized and disappointing. Don’t get me wrong – the candles were pretty, and the speakers and JROTC were good. However, the club’s main coordinator was late to the ceremony and the inductees did not know when to blow out our candles, when to sit down or stand up. We had little to no practice, and all of us were very confused. Regardless, I was honored to be part of such a program.

Now that the first semester is over, and I have two weeks off for winter/Christmas break, I can finally get some stuff done – clean my room, clean my car, make appointments, take my car to the dealer for service checkup, send Christmas gifts, and whatnot. This break might actually consist of errands and busywork and not just sleep (I do not exactly know how I feel about that).

Hopefully, everyone will have a fabulous and relaxing holiday break. Happy holidays everyone!




Hello everyone!

Are you excited for Thanksgiving? I sure am! My family already purchased a turkey, ham, pumpkin pie ingredients (even though I don’t eat pie), candied yams, collard greens, and macaroni and cheese. For a family of three, that’s a lot of food!

You know the one thing I looooooove about Thanksgiving? It signals that Christmas is coming! After a wondrous feast, I get to have another one in a few weeks after. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the year.

Enough of Thanksgiving, I decided to upload another #OOTD. I know that my outfits crowd my blog, but that’s what I am most confident about writing in public about at the moment.

Today’s #OOTD was actually posted on my Instagram (go follow me!! @thatone.blasian) a couple of days ago, but I never got around to actually post on my blog about it. So here goes.

I boosted up my confidence that day by wearing my striped somewhat-crop top (meaning that it isn’t as short as a regular crop top but not as a long as a regular shirt) under my FAVORITE green cargo jacket. I then pulled on my high-waisted black jeans and finished the look with my white Converse sneakers.

Damn it Mocha. You got in the picture!

Anyway, I left my hair down and went through the day with minimum accessories, including double earrings in each ear and a black-and-gold watch.

Overall, I had a wonderful day, and I hope you all did as well!



Hello all! 

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog, and I decided it’s finally time to post something. 

Today was a wonderful day. After a teribble day yesterday, it was great to have a day full of joy, laughter, and smiles again. 

It’s officially autumn! You know what that means? It means to bring your cardigans and boots out! YAYAYAAY!!

And that’t exactly what I did today.

I unfortunately did not have a photographer today (AKA either my friends or older sister), so I went to my mirror and started snapping away.

My outfit is a little plain and boring, but it earned me a whole lot of compliments. That also means that it earns a post dedicated to it. 

I wore my denim dress with black leggings since it was FREEZING this morning. I then put on my brand new gray cardigan from Rue 21, I believe, and completed the look with my favorite leather boots. 

As for my hair, I pulled it back into a half-pony tail (no, not Ariana Grande style). It is usually my go-to style for second day hair. 

For accessories, I kept it minimum with a simple white watch and two earrings on each ear, a gold ball and a diamond. 

That’s it for the look!

I am thoroughly enjoying my fall so far, and I am not prepared for winter at all. 

Hopefully, you all are having a wonderful fall as well!


Halloween + #OOTD 3

Happy, happy Halloween everyone!

I usually do not enjoy this holiday for the tremendous amount of social contact I have to make with the neighborhood’s kids. Having children reaching their pudgy hands into a bowl of candy is great, just fantastic (can you sense the sarcasm?). Being a teenager who would rather stay away from small kids, it’s kind of freaky, but cute I gotta admit, to have little humans waddle up to my house shouting, “Trick or treat!”

However! The dreaded night turned into a delightful one since I got to spend it with my favorite people (all one of them). My dear friend came over to help pass out candy, and the process went much smoother than planned. Instead of having kids just pick out which candy they want from the candy bowl, we were able to make kids laugh with our jokes and comments and learn more about our neighbors! It was a very enjoyable night.

Did I dress up for Halloween, though? Noooooooooooo…

But my dog did!

My adorable pup, Mocha, transformed into a devil for the night. It actually matches her soul. We had her laying out in the grass during the first hour or so for the night, along with my other dog who unfortunately couldn’t fit a Halloween costume, and our neighbors absolutely loved them! It was, indeed, a very happy Halloween.

Now, for my third #OOTD, I actually twinned with my friend! We went on a shopping spree this past Saturday and spotted some very, very cute clothes. Of those very, very cute clothes, we decided to wear our striped knee-length dresses today. Mine was black and white while hers was green and white.

For the look, I paired the dress with a green cargo jacket and finished off the look with some black sneakers. As for my hair, I spent two hours last night straightening my locks, but the result was beyond wonderful. I realized my hair grew much longer than it was the last time I straightened it (like several months ago), and it earned me a looooooooot of compliments at school today.

So overall, I had a good Halloween 2016, and I hope you all did as well!



Hello, hello!

I have been on the roll this week with my outfits, man.

Along with yesterday, I have received multiple compliments on my outfit today! It really, realllllllly makes my day when someone mentions that my outfit is “bomb.com.”

Once again, I went for the simple look, but I still managed to look presentable and, dare I say it, stylish.

With a brownish orange shirt, I pulled on some light-colored ripped jeans (thank God I didn’t get caught for breaking the dress code in school..) and completed the outfit with my favorite pair of black booties. For my hair, I created a somewhat messy ponytail to give the look a more laid-back feel.

I’d like to take a quick moment to welcome autumn; I can now wear my sweaters, leggings, coats, scarves, and booties all the time!

Anyway, it is really nice that even though this was a really long week, I was able to make it through with the pleasant comments I received at school for my outfits. Fashion, you saved me once again.

One more day of school, then I can sleep through the weekend. Can’t wait!




Hello, hello!

Am I a fashionista? Nah.

Do I try? Yep.

Today, I have received multiple compliments on my outfit at school, which is what inspired me to write this post.

Pairing a white t-shirt with a black bomber jacket, I pulled off the “tough-yet-cute” look, as my fellow peers called it. Along with this, I pulled out the good ol’ Converse to complete the look.

Light colored jeans really made the black pop on my outfit, which was what I was shooting for. I may or may not have a slight obsession with black.

With my long, curly hair coupled with this outfit,  I was able to accomplish the simple yet fashionable style that I was aiming for through the rush of this morning (my dog, Mocha, repeatedly kept trying to chew on my carpet, so I had to stop her before I could carry on with getting ready for school). I even felt confident and was able to get through the unusually long day without feeling so exhausted.

Overall, I had a wonderful day spent at school with my few friends and never-ending flow of compliments. I even had a photo shoot with my friend, which was a perfect wrap-up for the long day.

I hope you all had a wonderful day as well!