Introducing…My Puppers!

Happy November!

As I was scrolling down the couple of posts I made on my blog, I realized I haven’t introduced my puppies yet! Therefore, this blog post is dedicated to my two wonderful dogs, Cleo and Mocha.

To be more specific, Mocha is MY puppy, whereas Cleo is my SISTER’S puppy. Cleo is my pup-niece (yes, it’s a thing…). I still consider her as my own since I watch her allllllllllllll the time.

First up, we have Mocha! I got her from a family on Ft. Campbell last June at 8 weeks old. So now, she is a little over a year old. She is a Yorkie Pomeranian mix…or so they say. As much as I hate to admit it, I see some Chihuahua in her. Everywhere we go, every little kid and every big adult always exclaim, “OMG! Look at that Chihuahua!” That’s when I go, “Oh, um, she’s not a Chihuahua. *Awkward laugh because she’s clearly a Chihuahua* She’s actually a Yorkie Pom.” Then they have confused looks on their faces but still comment on how cute she is.

Mocha is a constant barker to the point that I am afraid that my neighbors might file a complaint to some high authority who would take her away from me. She is also a biter, so people cannot touch her freely. She actually became a lot better with dealing with her social awkwardness, though. Instead of her first instinct to “BITE, BITE. THAT. HUMAN.” whenever she comes into contact with someone, she actually changed it to “SNIFF, SNIFF. THAT. HUMAN.” Some people may even be able to pet her on the head, but that’s only if they catch her on her good days.

Regardless, she is my beloved best friend/companion, and I wouldn’t trade her for another dog any day.

Now, on to the next pup, Cleo! We got her from a family who breeds pure-breed Labrador Retrievers last June as well at about 8 weeks. This was about 1 week after we added Mocha to our family, so Cleo is 1 week younger than Mocha. Cleo was the runt of her litter, so she was the smallest and weakest. However, she looked the happiest out of her siblings, so she got to be the newest addition to our family! In my honest opinion, she is the prettiest Lab I have ever seen (I’m not that into big dogs to begin with), and I’m proud whenever someone compliments on her eyes or personality.

Cleo is a sweetheart who can be a bit pushy at times. She is definitely a people person who thinks everyone is her best friend. Thank God my sister didn’t get her for a watchdog. Actually, Cleo is in the middle of training to be a successful service dog for my older sister, who has¬†epilepsy. With her personality and all, she would be a pleasure to have as a service dog, especially with my sister’s job: a high school teacher. She knows when she is allowed to have fun and be petted by strangers, and she also knows when she is on duty. A smart, delightful dog is always nice to have around!

These two are inseparable and are best of friends. Sometimes, I look at them and hope that I find someone who would treat me like Cleo treats Mocha, or vice versa. From play-fighting to sleeping together, they are so, SO darn adorable.


Hope these pics of Mocha and Cleo brightened your day cause they sure did mine!